Show Your Family You Love Them Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

swan fam smallFebruary 18, 2021
Written by Casey Hersch, LCSW

During this month of love, I have been thinking about ways to show my loved ones how much I care amid the coronavirus pandemic. I have noticed some blessings since the pandemic---I have more time to give to my "framily," (friends/family). I realize that my "framily" does not want anything spectacular, except "more" time spent with me. I have made friends with zoom and a new way of connecting with others. I am used to face-to-face, especially since I am a therapist, so this new way of communicating is not easy for me.

In this article written by Syjil Ashraf, posted on the, they suggest ways to connect with family and show them your love.

Which of these have you tried? 

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Bring Out the Best in Yourself with The Face Yoga Method

In this interview I speak with Fumiko Takatsu, founder and CEO of the Face Yoga Method, a revolutionary pro-aging method. As I age with Crohn's disease, I seek pro-aging alternatives that avoid invasive procedures and chemicals. Fumiko’s method shows us how to feel empowered over the aging process rather than a victim of it. The Face Yoga Method demonstrates that the best anti-aging approaches are individualized, risk-free, and address the physical and emotional aspects of health. Fumiko is helping thousands of men and women worldwide to regain their confidence through a 100 percent natural alternative to cosmetic procedures. The Face Yoga Method has over 80 facial exercises that target every area of the face, meeting everybody’s unique needs.


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Reignite Your Relationship By Learning Your Style

casey and Dr Sue JohnsonCasey Hersch with Dr. Sue JohnsonFebruary 15, 2021
Written by Casey Hersch, LCSW

Relationships are difficult and rewarding at the same time.

We all want to find ways to make relationships easier and more fulfilling. However, the quest begins with some insight into our own relationship patterns.

When I went through a tumultuous relationship, a colleague gave me a book written by Dr. Sue Johnson called Hold Me Tight. As I held onto every word I found myself saying, "This is me! I act the same way!" As I started to understand my relationship style and how and why I react the way that I do, I began to choose healthier relationships and I stopped feeling broken. I found a map for how to be a better partner while beginning to heal my past at the same time. 

What is your default: Find the Bad Guy? The Protest Polka? Fight and Freeze? 

Ultimately, in every relationship we have patterns for how we respond to our partners, which are rooted in our childhoods and families of origin. We get stuck in unconscious and unhealthy cycles, reacting the same ways over and over, and wondering why the relationship feels stuck, broken, or unfullfilling. Dr. Sue Johnson calls some of those patterns Demon Dialogues and offers a brief quiz to help people explore how they respond during relationship conflicts. I highly recommend picking up your copy of Hold Me Tight. The book changed my life!

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Finding Calm: Free Energy and Sound Healing Group

Jsound group picanuary 1, 2021
Written by Casey Hersch MSW, LCSW

"I didn't realize how much I needed to carve out time to reconnect with my mind and body, until I started attending a free energy and sound healing group. I have a history of trauma and Crohn's disease. Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, offers a FINDING CALM group, which has not only helped me release anxiety, but I am learning ways to keep my body calm. I am noticing the direct affect attending this group has on my overall immune system and health. I feel empowered when Rachel teaches techniques that I can use outside of the group. Her group has something for everyone and her gentle and skilled approach reassures me that I can truly find ease amid the chaos."
--Casey Hersch, LCSW, founder of


  • Email Rachel via the link on her website and she will send you the zoom session links
  • Groups are one hour and are two times per week (Mondays at 7pm PT, Thursdays at 6pm PT) 
  • You can attend whenever you want---if you miss a session, it is ok. You can use the sessions to fit your needs and lifestyle
  • You can keep your camera "on" or "off."
  • You can interact with the group if you choose by writing messages in the comment sections
  • You can arrive late, on-time, leave early, or stay the entire time

Sign-Up for the Finding Calm Group ->

My favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookies

cookies1smphoto credit Scott HerschDecember 31, 2020
Written by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW

New Years Resolution: Try New Things

One of my new years resolutions is to have new experiences and try new things. Throughout my lifetime, people have told me that I am not a good cook, and I internalized and believed this negative message about myself. Yes, I do have tragedy in the kitchen: burned pans and smoke alarms blaring. I don't invest in high quality kitchen items because there is a strong chance I will ruin them---but I truly believed that I was defective or incapable of baking.

Challenging Negative Beliefs About Myself

Part of my challenge in the kitchen is due to my limited ingredient diet, which is suitable for Crohn's disease. Until I discovered Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free One-To-One baking flour, baking easily frustrated me because I had to research substitutions for all the ingredients with which I was allergic or intolerant. However, I decided to challenge my beliefs that "I am the worst person in the kitchen," and I took a risk and tried a new experience. I baked my first gluten free chocolate chip cookies and.....VOILA THEY WORKED! The cookies are tasty and I am encouraged to try more recipes from Bob's Red Mill. I substituted spectrum shortening for the butter, left out the nuts, and used Enjoy Life chocolate chips. Bob's Red Mill certainly has the ingredients and combinations down to a science, so even with my lack of experience in the kitchen and my substitutions, I still proved I am a success!

What will you try this New Year? 

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Everyone Can Benefit from The Book Of Joy

Casey reading Book of Joy 1smphoto credit Scott HerschDecember 31, 2020
Written by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW

A few years ago when I was going through a difficult time with Crohn's disease, a friend gave me The Book Of Joy. Initially, I didn't think this was "my type" of book---but the story is so much more than a memoir. The pages are filled with self-help wisdom and ways to inspire and build resilience. I marked pages in bright colors according to various topics that I felt were areas for growth in my life. When I need a dose of strength or my thoughts get the best of me, I turn to those pages and immediately get a boost of energy and perspective. Here are some of my favorite take-aways.

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Giants (Made of Light) Inspirational Song

Written by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW
December 19, 2020

The holidays can be difficult. Many of us live with loss, illness, and don't have a conventional family that is associated with all the merry and cheer of the season. For as long as I can remember, my holidays were bitter sweet. I enjoyed the holiday shows, music, and decorations, but I felt a deep sadness because I didn't have a Mom AND Dad, I couldn't afford the gifts I really wanted, and for many years I didn't have a loving life partner. Through the years I have learned that the best gift I have in this life is the relationship I cultivate with myself. I don't always treat myself kind, and sometimes I wish I were someone that I am not when I compare myself to others. But at the end of the day, I am learning to love myself and to lean on my memories, my body intelligence, and the light that shines bright in my soul to comfort me and remind me of my purpose.  This song by Eric Lumiere inspires me and speaks a strong message that all of us should listen to. 


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