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violaWritten by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW

How a chronic injury healed after whole body attention

Joel Crandall, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist, created the VOILA method in response to his own struggle with post- concussion syndrome. Symptoms of depression, memory loss, and inability to focus, coupled with his mother's passing, awakened him to his own ability to help himself heal. As he saw his own transformation, he wanted to share this with others in hopes that they would also benefit. The outcome was a healing modality, VOILA, that has helped hundreds find their way back to health through an awakening of the body's healing potential that exists within all of us. While many seek out Joel Crandall because of physical, sports- related injuries, as I did, they quickly realize that he doesn't treat injuries and pain in the same way as do most Kinesiologists. Joel Crandall says, "Voila Method heals from the inside out by empowering the client. It assists them in finding their true selves and helps them feel safe in their bodies again." There is a true integration of mind, body, and spirit. Humans are not viewed as parts, they are whole entities with interconnected energy and purpose.

For me, meeting with Joel Crandall was my first true conversation with the spirit that existed inside of me. It was also a real conversation and connection to my true self that I couldn't rationalize or experience in my brain, but that I could sense and feel within my body. It was a way that I could integrate my true self with my spirit, organs, life energy, and emotions and find a way to help them work together. Energy and strength came from access to my spirit and my connection to a universal divine love.

I initially met with Joel because I had two physical complaints that had not been resolved despite my ongoing visits with diverse specialties. I had chronic knee pain (one side) and a shoulder injury that some diagnosed as a "shoulder separation." They were painful and they got in the way of my high activity level. Some suggested I have surgery, others said it was the aging process and I should stop doing what I love to do--which is move a lot! Joel assessed me using his VOILA method and made several structural corrections. However, as his technique emphasizes using the body's innate healing abilities and how the whole body is interconnected, he incorporated emotional and spiritual influences. Emotions that were identified included my inability to feel safe and my difficulty in experiencing joy. These were indisputable facts about my life. I concurred. His balancing process included not only ways to repair the physical, but also how to heal the emotional; it was concluded that the main reason I could not heal from these physical injures was largely emotional and spiritual. As he took me through a series of steps using the VOILA method, I felt a shift in my body and mind. In the weeks that followed my physical pains remitted.... and the few times I felt them return, I revisited what Joel taught me in our sessions and was able to once again be symptom free. I am relieved that I continue to dance to my heart's content pain-free and I have no doubt that had I focused on simply physical corrections, the healing would not have completed. There was more to do: Emotional and Passion (which included the spiritual) were critical components to relieving my pain and gaining mobility back.

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