Show Your Family You Love Them Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

swan fam smallFebruary 18, 2021
Written by Casey Hersch, LCSW

During this month of love, I have been thinking about ways to show my loved ones how much I care amid the coronavirus pandemic. I have noticed some blessings since the pandemic---I have more time to give to my "framily," (friends/family). I realize that my "framily" does not want anything spectacular, except "more" time spent with me. I have made friends with zoom and a new way of connecting with others. I am used to face-to-face, especially since I am a therapist, so this new way of communicating is not easy for me.

In this article written by Syjil Ashraf, posted on the, they suggest ways to connect with family and show them your love.

Which of these have you tried? 

  • Give your framily a phone call
  • Send a care package or treat
  • Cook framily their favorite meal
  • Have an at-home spa day
  • Write and play them a song
  • Exchange music playlists
  • Host a virtual game night or dance party
  • Exchange photos and videos
  • Order take-out from their favorite local restaurant
  • Run errands for them
  • Stream movies together
  • Volunteer to do some of their chores
  • Offer to teach them a new skill
  • Buy them a subscription 
  • Show older family members how to use netflix or apps on their phone
  • Mail a card through snail mail

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