Coronavirus--How I support my immune system

I have Crohn's disease, an autoimmune disease affecting the gut/small intestine. My immune system is compromised and so I feel vulnerable during health crises. The coronavirus has triggered some of my fears and while I am doing my best to keep it at a distance, I feel best when I can make a plan for how to keep my body strong. Stress weakens the immune system, and I don't want to get sick! In this video I share a supplement I am using--Source Naturals Wellness Formula-- and some steps I am taking to feel empowered over illness and to increase my body's ability to keep me healthy. This helps reduce my fear and gives me a meaningful focus. Source Naturals is available on Amazon* and other retailers such as vitacost, iherb, wholefoods, and local coops. 

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Please note: I am not a medical doctor and I am NOT making treatment recommendations. Always consult with your physician before beginning any health regimen. If this information interests you, have a conversation with your doctor to see if it is right for you.  These products and information are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure COVID-19  and they have not been approved, cleared, or authorized by the FDA.

Source Naturals Wellness Formula is available on amazon and through other online and local retailers. My favorite brand of colloidal silver is by Sovereign Labs, also available through amazon and other retailers. 

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