Yochabel's Wisdom: Securing the Bond

Secure bond pic lightyourspWritten by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW
July 3, 2019

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my precious Yochabel's story as a guest author for www.consciouscat.net, with Ingrid King. This is the second of a series of blog posts over the next few months. In this series I discuss what it is like to live with a chronically ill cat, the stress, the joys, and the heartache of loss. I also talk about how Yochabel has helped me live with my own chronic illness and ways she helped me cope and gain resiliency. My philosophies about integrative healing apply to Yochabel's treatment as does the use of my healing wheel.

Excerpts taken from consciouscat.com. For link to full article see below.

Yochabel’s nine lives: life gets better with age

"Yochabel came to live with me at 17 years of age. She was in poor health; I thought I might only have days with her. She could barely walk a few inches without needing to rest. She had kidney disease, infected teeth, asthma, dermatitis, tremors, and severe arthritis. A diet of exclusively dry kibble had been hard on her aging body, and she was overweight. I couldn’t help but blame her past nine lives for her deterioration."

"In the rural mountainous region where Yochabel first lived...

...Overtime, this took a toll on her spirit and health."


Don’t judge a cat by her fur (or her age)

"When Yochabel came to live with me, I had many ideas about how she would behave in my home. I expected a senior “cranky” cat. I thought she wouldn’t want to be touched and fussed with–after all, the older we get the more we like our routines."

"...She proved me wrong on all counts. From the moment I placed her in the carrier, through the day she passed away, she purred like an oversized motorboat any time she sensed human connection."

"...She was obviously starved of touch and human connection. Studies show that infants and animals die without touch. Studies also show that touch and physical contact strengthens the immune system and improves health in humans and animals. Yochabel needed to be touched, to be seen, and to be communicated with. Her transformation was beginning."

carpetridelightyoursparkle                                                                               Yochabel’s magic carpet

Building trust

See full article to read about how Yochabel and I invented the "carpet ride" to help build trust at her own pace...


Yochabel and the Healing Wheel: the beginning of true healing

See how Yochabel's individualized healing wheel improved her quality of life and ability to cope with cancer.

"After struggling for years with autoimmune illnesses, I created the Healing Wheel. It shows how healing is comprised of physical, emotional, and passion dimensions. Because I focused on balancing my Healing Wheel, I had achieved a quality of life despite being told Crohn’s disease is incurable. I knew Yochabel’s health shouldn’t be any different..." 

Don’t give up: miracles can happen

"...However, I know from my own struggles with autoimmune illness that our physical presentation is only one part of the healing journey. The mind and spirit are equally as important..."

"I began my search for in home integrative services which could help her heal from the inside out. I refused to ask her to travel with painful joints. For 3 years, Dr. Christine Haas, a certified veterinary acupuncturist, and Dr. Troy Stevens, DC, a certified veterinary chiropractor, came to our home..."

acupuncturelightyoursparkle                                                              Yochabel during her acupuncture treatment

Building connection through talking and singing

Read full article to see how Yochabel and I continued to build our bond through singing and how it helped me transition her to the "magical sky" when it was time for her to leave her body!

♪ “Let’s go on a carpet ride, up through the magical sky.
Let’s go on a carpet ride and send it soaring.
Mommy loves her baby girl, baby loves her mommy,
sooo – let’s go on a carpet ride tonight.” ♪

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Ingrid King's award winning website, www.consciouscat.net, and her heartfelt books, including Buckley's Story and Purrs of Wisdom, expand our loving and soulful connections with our cat companions while offering practical information to enhance our lives. For more information and an abundance of resources, please visit her website.

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