NAET: A Breakthrough Treatment for Allergies

breakthrough allergiesDr Teitelbaum is an integrative physician and one of my favorites.  In this article he discusses NAET, which is an approach I use regularly to manage my autoimmune illnesses and Crohn's disease

Article written by Jacob Teitelbaum MD
October 2, 2009 Psychology Today

Stay free of allergies with NAET

STAY FREE OF ALLERGIES FOR LIFE! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read those words. They were my introduction to Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, or "NAET" — a dramatic new treatment for the cure of allergies (and sensitivities).

I am one of the 35 million Americans who know they have allergies and who want and pray for relief. The discovery of NAET treatment came as incredible, welcomed news. For the 50% of Americans (128 million people) suffering from various health problems caused by allergies not yet known to them, NAET will come as an astonishing surprise.

For we, the allergic (and sensitivities), there is the possibility of an attack any time we introduce anything into our body or environment. I define an allergy to be an unusual or exaggerated response of sensitive individuals to certain substances. This type of biological hypersensitivity occurs in sensitive individuals, while remaining innocuous in similar amounts and circumstances in others. (Note: Be aware that this definition of "allergy" is quite different than the medical definition. I prefer to use the term "sensitivities." I have seen NAET effectively treat both allergies and sensitivities.)

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Article written by Jacob Teitelbaum MD
October 2, 2009 Psychology Today

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