Brain "Gut" Debate

Created by Joel Crandall

A few things to think about

  • In College our Professor used the Analogy of the Thermostat and the Heating Unit. The Person Sets the Temp on the Thermostat (Perception of Hot/Cold)
  • The Thermostat being the Brain. Controls the Balance of the Temp.
  • Heater - The Body/Gut. Lets Brain know if too cold or too hot
SO many Studies saying the Gut Controls the Brain. Its Partially True. But Let's Look Deeper!
  • The Mind Body Loop Is a 2 way street as are most functions of the mind/body.
  • Consider this: the gut has 100 million nerve cells; the brain has a TRILLION
  • While both important, which is the bigger player?
  • If you pause and think about it, it’s easy to see the difference.
  • If you see something that makes your stomach turn into knots, which caused it to turn into the knots, the mind or the stomach?
More Differences.. The Math
  • Gut has 100 million nerve cells the Brain has Over a TRILLION.
  • While it’s a 2 way street, as most Mind/body functions, if you do the simple math, you can see the bigger player . VOILÁ Method has worked with people with Crohn's disease and each time the issue has been with their perception (Brain, not Gut)
Even More Differences in Hierarchy
  • The Brains deals with Perception. So Many may THINK they are in danger when in fact they are not and this affects the "Gut."
  • If you would like more-- Where is the Amygdala Located? (The Reptilian Brain - Flight, Flight, Freeze): In the Brain.
  • Where is the Intuition Chakra? (6th Chakra - 3rd Eye) In the Mind.
  • Where is the Pituitary & Pineal Gland which controls Hormone levels? The Brain
What’s Interesting:
  • The Heater gets the Credit for keeping you warm. When it was the Thermostat that Controlled the outcome.

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